Q: How can I contact Looney to book my event?

A: You may book your event by calling Reggie Patterson at 770-957-1235, filling out our contact request form here at our website or send Reggie a direct email at fun@looneytheclown.com


Q) Do you perform at Company or Corporate events?

A: Absolutely! Reggie has been fortunate enough to be invited to entertain at several company parties across Georgia and the Southeast. Reggie and some of his friends would be more than happy to come to your next corporate event!


Q: How many weeks in advance should I book my event?

A: Bookings are taken on a First Come, First Served Basis. It is recommended hat you book early so that you can have first choice of days and time.


Q: How far do you travel?

A: We have been proudly serving the Southeast for well over a decade! There will be a minor travel fee added for ALL events located more than 40 miles from our office located in Locust Grove, Georgia.


Q: What are your Accepted Forms of Payment?

A: We can accept your payment by:

Major credit cards and Debit Cards (Amex and Diner's Club Accepted)


Checks made out to Reggie Patterson

Money Order

And of course we will Gladly Accept Cash


Q) How can my credit card be charged by phone & still be official?

A: The same way it occurs when you make purchases on the Internet or by phone. You give a verbal contract at the time you release your credit card information. All of our disclosures are made open and publicly on this website to be fair to all parties.


Q) Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes! An advance deposit of 25% is required to your hold date. Please be mindful that once your event is contracted and placed on our schedule all other inquires for that day are accepted as well! That being said, Please Be Mindful of Reggie’s set performance time for your event so that Reggie can be sure to be on time to his next event!


Q) When do we have to pay the balance?

A: The remainder of the balance is due the day of the event, as soon as the show is over. Reggie may need to leave immediately to make it to the next party, so Please be mindful of the agreed performance time. (See cancellations and reschedules).


Q) When does an event booking become official?

A: Upon Reggie’s receipt of your deposit and your receipt of Reggie’s letter of confirmation. Without these your event is NOT Considered Official! A contract or letter of confirmation will be e-mailed or faxed to you. Upon signing the contract and/or receipt of deposit, this engagement shall be considered binding. Once the deposit clears, you will receive an e-mail confirmation stating that your event is now booked for that particular date and time. There are some entertainers who deliberately quote low fees in the hope that they will get a higher offer. If they do, then they simply don't show up for your event. By paying a deposit, you can be assured that Reggie will be there on the day!


Q) Can you come for more than one hour?

A: Reggie’s packages are designed to give maximum fun in the appropriate timeframe. Generally, Reggie finds that one hour is that optimum time. However, if you need Reggie to Perform for a longer time please ask. Reggie will work with you to give you what your heart desires for your event!


Q) Can you perform outdoors?

A: Reggie prefers to perform indoors, but he can perform virtually anywhere!


Q) How much space do you need?

A: Reggie will need an area 10’ x 10’ to set up. Reggie is able to perform in minimal space, just so long as the whole audience is able to see and hear him.


Q) Should we prepare anything for your arrival?

A: We’ll need a parking space if spots are sparse. We bring lots of fun equipment and parking close helps us to get it there safe!


Q) Will you take a break during your performance?

A: We do not take breaks during performances 30 minutes- 90 minutes long. For parties longer than 1.5 hrs the person will need a 5-10 minute break to cool down, have a drink of water, etc.


Q) How many guests can there be in the audience?

A: No event is too big or too small for us to entertain at! However, if the audience is going to be larger than 50 people, then we would like to know before, so that we can choose our material accordingly. Also, we may need to bring a PA system for larger audiences, so an additional cost may be charged.


Q) I scheduled a party and no guests showed up. Can't we just tell Looney we don't want his services anymore when he arrives?

A) No. By the time the Looney arrives at the party, he has already gotten into costume and driven to the show -- (which you booked up a time when Reggie could have served another client). It’s not fair for a client to ask a clown to give up their revenue and time for no payment. We highly recommend that you get RSVP's from your guests so you know who is coming.


Q) Why can't the clown wait for late guests?

A: Weekends are busy for us and the clowns are scheduled back-to-back with only enough time for the party and travel time to the next show (no breaks). Note: many times parties are scheduled across town from each other. This leaves little room for waiting. Most party guests arrive 1 hour late to birthday parties so please schedule the clown 1-hour into the party to be safe.


Q) Can we cancel or reschedule the date?

A: You may cancel your booking at any time; however your deposit will be forfeited. If you wish to reschedule the date, we are happy to do so - subject to availability. If you can give us 30 days’ notice then there is no penalty. However, if you wish to reschedule within 30 days of the date of your event, because of our busy schedule, dates are subject to availability


Q) What happens if it is raining on the day?

A: If your event is being held outdoors, it would be a good idea to have a back-up plan just in case it rains. Inclement weather is not a sufficient reason to cancel a booking, so we would require payment in full. Should your event be rained out, and subsequently postponed to a later date, then we are happy to provide a performance at the rescheduled event the original fee.


Q) Are you insured?

A: Reggie and all of his Sub-Contractors carry current Limited Liability Insurance ranging from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 dollars. Reggie is Insured through K&K Insurance Company.


Q) Do you offer discounts?

A: We are proud to offer a variety of professional entertainment services at very affordable prices. We do offer discounts at random for customers who follow us on our Facebook page. However we do not offer any other discounts at this present time.